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Qui: Musica Ostium Infernum
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Musica Ostium Infernum is a collection of songs written as witness to the events of Buffy Summers and the characters that affect her world. However, rather than plot-oriented ballads, they commemorate the overlying, timeless, and philosophical issues conflicting the personae.



Every civilization has a mythos (if not many) of its time to which the populus can relate. The Greeks had Zeus, the Norse Odin, the Egyptians Ra, the Chinese Dou Mu, and so on. These mythos serve not only as archetypes of the zeitgeist for the contemporaries in that culture, but they help later generations and cultures to understand a little more richly and deeply. The finer semantic details of "our current culture" notwithstanding, the trials of Buffy serve well what so many myths before have served their respective cultures. They offer entertainment, edification, education, enlightenment, escape, and everything else required of truly timeless characters and situations. They give us anchors to which we can attach our abstract concepts to help us understand situations, to help us express our feelings and cope with situations. They give us mediums to further convey our own thoughts to others by providing the vehicles that both parties can understand, to which both parties can readily relate. Archetypes.

And as the many of the people of these cultures were prone to do, they focused their creative endeavours on these mythos. Countless works have been written, marble chiseled, paintings stroked, and songs sung as direct derivations. Much toiling has ensued to further immortalize or galvanize our muses.

So it is as with Buffy and the characters that populate her world.

Musica Ostium Infernum is the third-party witness to the episodes of Buffy, cantatas and ballads from the unseen bard of Sunnydale. The songs are written expressedly for fellow followers and aficianados but hopefully approachably for others not yet privy to the saga of Buffy.

Qua emo is?

A limited edition, hand-printed, hand-made, hard-cased book with libretto and compact disc will be available soon online.

Digital downloads are currently available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/micahbarnes1

The samples are MP3 format and free to download.

01 Welcome to the Hellmouth (Part 1)
02 the Harvest (Part 2)
03 Witch
04 Teacher's Pet
05 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
06 The Pack
07 Angel
08 I, Robot... You, Jane
09 the Puppet Show
10 Nightmares
11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight
12 Prophecy Girl


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